This blog is about building a future fit for people and the planet.

A bit about me

I am Director of Campaigns at Friends of the Earth.

If Friends of the Earth didn’t exist we’d need to invent it.

It combines an unwavering determination to protect our precious spaceship planet with a fundamental commitment to social justice.

It also has a theory of change that works: combining evidence-based, agenda-setting analysis with precision-focused mass public pressure.

Check out what Friends of the Earth does, and how to get involved here.

I am also Chair of the Board of the New Economy Organisers Network – bringing together over 1400 activists to replace neoliberalism with an economy based on social and environmental justice.

NEON connects and skills up the most dynamic ‘change-makers’ across civil society in Britain to challenge media narratives about the economy, and to build organisations and campaigns that contribute to systems change. Check out what NEON does here.

I am also political advisor to the Commission on Civil Society and Democratic Engagement, chaired by former Bishop of Oxford, Lord Harries of Pentregarth. The Commission was set up after the Government published the Lobbying Bill in 2013 which threatened to gag charities and campaign groups from speaking out on contentious issues ahead of elections.

All views in this blog are my own and not necessarily those of the above organisations.



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